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Principal's Message
At St Paul’s, we are committed to nurturing not only academic excellence but also the holistic development of each child. Our vision, 'In the richness of our Catholic…

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What We Offer at
St Paul's
School Vision and Mission
Our Story
School Song and Prayer
Our Catholic Identity and Parish
At St Paul’s, we nurture and are proud of our strong Catholic identity – including the charism of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop – and our close links with our parish.
Caring for the Environment
At St Paul's, we take an active role in being stewards of the environment. Students participate in a range of initiatives that empower them to care for creation.

Our Staff

Meet our wonderful, dedicated team of teachers and support staff at St Paul's.
Parish Priest: Fr Leo Duck
Principal: Miss Angela Pecnik
Acting Assistant Principal: Mrs Rebecca Nunes
Acting Religious Education Coordinator: Mrs Alana Stroligo
Senior School Support Officer: Mrs Kristie Bicknell

Middle Leaders:

Mrs Patricia Staff
Mrs Belinda Evans
Mrs Bree-Anna Fogliada

Classroom Teachers:
Kindergarten Blue: Miss Samantha Ryan
Kindergarten Red: Miss Julianne Tonini
Kindergarten Teacher Support: Mrs Patricia Staff
Year 1 Blue: Mrs Bree-Anna Fogliada
Year 1 Red: Mrs Gemma Bolton
Year 1 Support Teacher: Ms Belinda Posadas

Year 2 Blue: Mrs Suzette Bennett
Year 2 Red: Mrs Olivia Roberts
Year 3 Blue: Mrs Suzanne Hayes
Year 3 Red: Mrs April Grove
Year 4 Blue: Mrs Annalise Hastings & Mrs Tracy Whalan
Year 4 Red: Mrs Michelle Griffiths
Year 5 Blue: Mrs Laura Miller
Year 5 Red: Mrs Tami Hennock
Year 6 Blue: Mrs Katie Colquhoun
Year 6 Red: Miss Alana Stroligo
Year 6 Support Teacher: Mrs Elizabeth Rippon

Instructional Coach: Mrs Belinda Evans
Diverse Learning Support Leader: Mrs Rebecca Nunes
Diverse Learning Support Teacher: Ms Skye Sefton, Mrs Belinda 
Support for MiniLit, MacqLit & Multisensory Learning: Mrs Alexandra Hingston
Teacher Professional Planning Release Creative Arts: Mrs Kylie Linnett
Teacher Professional Planning Release Physical Education: Mrs Amy Lyons

CatholicCare Counsellor: Rachel Mintoff 

Senior School Support Officer: Mrs Kristie Bicknell
School Support Officer (Office): Mrs Melanie Knight & Mrs Christine Calleja

School Support Officers:
Mrs Christine Celleja
Mrs Diane Allison
Mrs Louise Frendo
Miss Amyllia McGeehan
Mrs Karen Shaw
Miss Caitlyn Dryden
Mrs Carol Harb
Miss Bethany Nunes
Mrs Lauren Wilson
Mrs Cathy Schulz
Mrs Angela Waistell

School Support Officer (Indigenous): Aunty Josephine Ball

To apply for any staff positions being advertised at St Paul's, visit the CEDoW Positions Vacant page.