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At St Paul's, we take great pride in presenting ourselves well and wearing our uniform with respect. Uniform and appearance should be in such a condition so as to invite only positive comment

The change from summer to winter uniform occurs during Term 2; and change from winter to summer uniform occurs from the beginning of Term 4.

The St Paul’s school uniform is available for purchase at Hazeltons on Tongarra Road, Albion Park. The school and sport uniform should be worn in full by all students. However, we believe that no student should be disadvantaged because of financial difficulties – so parents are asked to see the principal if they are unable to purchase new uniforms. We have a second-hand clothing pool from which parents can select used uniform items left in good-condition.


  • Check dress
  • Royal blue scungies or matching pants
  • Short white socks, black shoes
  • Navy jumper, cardigan or school sloppy joe
  • Red ribbon


  • Short sleeve open necked blue shirt
  • Short grey trousers
  • Short grey socks
  • Black shoes
  • Navy jumper, cardigan or school sloppy joe


  • Navy slacks (optional)
  • Navy skirt and tights
  • Navy jumper, cardigan or school sloppy joe
  • Blue shirt
  • Black shoes
  • White socks, short or long
  • School tie
  • A blue skivvy may be worn under the blouse


  • Long grey trousers
  • Blue long-sleeved shirt
  • School tie
  • Black school shoes
  • Grey socks, long or short
  • Navy jumper, cardigan or school sloppy joe
  • A blue skivvy may be worn under the shirt


  • Light blue St Paul’s polo shirt
  • Royal blue St Paul’s shorts or royal blue netball skirt (girls)
  • White socks
  • Joggers (any colour)
  • St Paul’s school tracksuit jacket and pants



  • Wear the correct school / sports uniform at all times
  • In extreme cold weather a navy blue parka, overcoat or coat may be worn – no other colours permitted
  • School / sports uniforms are to be worn in a neat manner
  • School shoes are to be black leather (for safety at school); with no brand names are to be visible
  • All sports footwear must be predominately white jogger style with white laces or Velcro
  • All sports socks must be plain white, ankle-length socks; with no brand names
  • No coloured hair decorations – girls may wear headbands, ribbons, scrunchies in red or royal blue
  • No jewellery except for studs or sleepers (one per ear lobe), watch, signet ring or religious medals
  • No nail polish or make-up
  • School hat is to be worn at breaks, PE and sport. We have a 'No hat, no play' policy – children will be asked to sit in shade if they do not have their hat


  • The emphasis is on 'neat and tidy'
  • Girls' long hair or hair below the shoulders is to be tied back
  • Boys' hair should be no longer than collar length
  • Extreme hair cuts and coloured hair are not permitted
  • The emphasis is on evenly cut hair
  • Extreme use of gel or products of that nature are not permitted