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Kindergarten Buddies and Learning Through Play

Our Kindergarten students are enjoying their time at big school – especially making friends and learning through play!

Kindergarten love having 'Groups' every Wednesday, where they do lots of fun activities around play-based writing, reading, iPads, Seesaw, kinetic sand, emotion mats with playdough and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

These activities aim to build up the students' fine motor skills to get their fingers strong for writing and reading.

The Kinder students especially love Fridays, because this means they see their Year 6 buddies! During this time together, they often share in Kindergarten's whole-class 'Fun Friday Reward'.

This reward is given to recognise the great positive behaviour choices made by our youngest students each day at school – in both the classroom and the playground.

Our Kindergarteners have enjoyed participating in many reward activities with their buddies, including art and craft, extra sport time, dancing, ice-blocks and free play.